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Scalable Subgraph Enumeration in MapReduce

Published in PVLDB 8(10), 2017

This paper studied the subgraph enumeration problem using MapReduce. In this paper, a special structure called TwinTwig has been used in the left-deep join structure and proven to be instance-optimal compared to the traditional join based on star. The source code can be forked from my GitHub pages.

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CS9311/CS3311 Database Systems Tutoring

Postgraduate course, CSE, UNSW, 2015

This course is mainly about the principles of Database systems, including ERand relational model, relational algebra, indexing techniques and join optimisations. I was tutoring the lab of the course, and my duties include designing the programming practices, supervising the lab and Q&A.

DATA 1001 lecturing

Undergraduate course, CSE, UNSW, 2017

This is joint course of Computer Science, Mathematics and Business School of UNSW. I am in charge of the lecture of the computer science part. The lecture includes an overview of data science, ER and relational model, SQL language, Big Data, MapReduce, and research topics on Graph, Spatial and Uncertain Data.